This comprehensive course features a thorough introduction to Awareness Through Movement™ (ATM) lessons. Dr. Wildman explains how to improve posture, flexibility, and balance. He provides numerous exercises for deep relaxation of chronic stiff muscles. Special attention is paid to the use of lower back and neck, as well as achieving better balance.

Dr. Wildman’s visionary style of teaching has changed the lives of thousands of people. His mastery of weaving the theoretical and practical has produced profound results by helping people to achieve more functional and fulfilling lives.  -David Jansen, PhD

I hope you enjoy these lessons as much as I and many other practitioners have enjoyed teaching them. The Intelligent Body series was developed in the early 1980s, partly borne of frustration– it was hard to find lessons of Moshe’s that were well recorded. This was the first studio recorded Awareness Through Movements lessons series. By now, nearly 1000 practitioners worldwide have used these lessons. Many new practitioners would do a lesson before going to teach their own class.  -Frank Wildman,  PhD

Volume 1, Lesson 1: Folding Your Body With Ease- Activating the Abdominal Flexors
Volume 1, Lesson 2: Bending Backwards- Activating the Back Extensors
Volume 1, Lesson 3: The Long Arm Lesson
Volume 1, Lesson 4: Freeing the Hip Joints
Volume 1, Lesson 5: Rolling onto the Side
Volume 1, Lesson 6: Lengthening the Hamstrings
Volume 1, Lesson 7: From Crawling to Sitting and Lying
Volume 1, Lesson 8: The “Ultimate” Pelvic Clock
Volume 1, Lesson 9: Awakening Feet, Toes, and Fingers
Volume 1, Lesson 10: Shoulder and Arm Circles
Volume 1, Lesson 11: Activating Your Muscular Imagination
Volume 1, Lesson 12: Sitting to Standing Easily
Volume 2, Lesson 1: The Rubber Spine- Freeing Your Spine Vertebra by Vertebra
Volume 2, Lesson 2: The Magic Spinal Twist
Volume 2, Lesson 3: Breathing with Ease and Power
Volume 2, Lesson 4: Lengthening the Sides- Experiencing Yourself in 3D
Volume 2, Lesson 5: Baby Alligator
Volume 2, Lesson 6: Sitting and Standing with Comfort
Volume 2, Lesson 7: Discovering Feet and Ankles
Volume 2, Lesson 8: Hands to Feet while Rolling
Volume 2, Lesson 9: Rolling a Ball over the Body- Refining Your Self-Image
Volume 2, Lesson 10: Leg Tilt Side to Side
Volume 2, Lesson 11: Rolling like a Baby
Volume 2, Lesson 12: The Joy of Walking

Customer testimonials

Frank Wildman’s Intelligent Body is something I wish everyone in the world could enjoy. I believe that it would upgrade almost anyone’s ability to move and function with less stress and more pleasure.
— Sheldon Margen, MD (retired), past president of the WHO (World Health Organization)

 I’m almost 60 and after a lifetime of fitness and outdoor activities I have developed some lower back problems in recent years and chronic plantar fasciitis, which together have restricted my mobility. I’m amazed by how much extra movement I’m developing already, doing a session every day, and I’m looking forward to regaining full mobility this year. Thanks for your wonderful CDs.
—Lesley W., Australia

I have found that Dr. Wildman’s work to be highly effective to reprogram the motor patterns and introducing new movement habits. Many of my past patients have acquired the Intelligent Body set and enjoyed it. Intelligent Body: excellent software update for the body!
—Spencer Liu, P.T., Willow Physical Therapy, LLC